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LiveLeak Moderator Discussion By Guest on 2nd March 2017 03:06:05 AM
  1. Ticket '7d7_1488418086' - Video Removed Inquiry
  2. Created:        Mar-1-2017 20:28:06
  3. Category:       moderation
  4. Status:         open
  5. Priority:       normal
  6. From:   unrealpcube
  7. Assigned to:    Noone
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  9. Text:   Greetings,
  11. I've reviewed the ToS and would like clarification as to which terms my video violated. All of the terms and names used in my video are aliases and no real names were used. Additionally, I don't find the content of my video to be anywhere near as intense as almost all of the content here. It was an hour long rant clarifying recent events regarding moderation at a forum that went awry; several users have confirmed that my video clarified these events in an informative manner.
  13. Thank you for the clarification,
  14. -JD
  15. Updates (5)
  16. Update #1 by: unrealpcube - Mar-1-2017 20:39:51
  17. I would like to add that specifically reviewing the ToS:
  19. (ii) publish falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage Liveleak or any third party;
  21. Liveleak is in no way damaged nor are any third parties. There is no property nor monetary value that can be assigned to any of the parties (all aliases, at that) that were described in my video.
  23. Libel is also outlined in the ToS. By definition this is the publication of falsehoods that can damage another's reputation. Without regarding the fact that only aliases and not real names were used, I would like to add that no falsehoods were reported in my video which several sources can attest to. The video exposes a chain of events whereby a forum user issued death threats and this was deemed not worthy of moderation and implicitly marked acceptable. This is precisely the set of events that occurred and I can provide testimony and evidence to back these fact up.
  25. Best,
  26. -JD
  28. Update #2 by: Liveleak Staff (42) - Mar-1-2017 21:45:59
  29. Thank you for your message. Please provide the link to the item for review.
  31. Update #3 by: unrealpcube - Mar-1-2017 23:22:58
  32. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=8fb_1488106309
  34. Thanks again for your time to review this. If there is a violation, I can edit the video and/or provide a revised version to meet compliance.
  36. Best,
  37. -JD
  39. Update #4 by: Liveleak Staff (42) - Mar-2-2017 00:14:39
  40. Here at LiveLeak we tend not to allow 'drama' from our own members let alone brought over from another site, hence your item being deleted. Also, since there are many sites far more suitable for gaming/gamers we tend not to host such items here.
  42. Update #5 by: unrealpcube - Mar-2-2017 00:34:08
  43. Sounds like no real terms of service were violated as I expected. However, I have taken note of your reply. Thanks.
  45. Update #6 by: unrealpcube - Mar-2-2017 00:39:20
  46. Looks like this issue is fixed! Requesting ticket to be closed.

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