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Collation of OU/Leo Bullshit By Guest on 2nd March 2017 03:06:21 AM
  1. Series of unfortunate PMs with Leo (and apparently Zeurkous)
  2. http://paste.falconpunch.net/7
  4. Screens of a thread that was silenced; Smirf's wife bans Casey, brings up 227 (for no relevant reason whatsoever)
  5. http://www.klankaos.com/Deleted_OU_Thread_pt1.png
  6. http://www.klankaos.com/Deleted_OU_Thread_pt2.png
  7. http://www.klankaos.com/Deleted_OU_Thread_full_second_post.png
  9. Casey was banned for a completely civil poll
  10. http://www.klankaos.com/OU%20Banned%20Proof.webm
  12. Delacroix flagged UnrealPcube's youtube videos to censor him, after being proven completely wrong about his defense of Leo
  13. https://vndb.org/c17314
  15. Delacroix conversation with Hyzoran
  16. http://paste.falconpunch.net/8
  18. Bizarre note from Leo on FA
  19. http://paste.falconpunch.net/9
  21. LiveLeak Conversation - No ToS Broken, But Vid Taken Down Anyway
  22. http://paste.falconpunch.net/10

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