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  1. hey
  2. Sent By: mBleo to Jaden88 On: Oct 28th, 2015 01:55
  4. Well, first I wanted some good quality "kobold" skin. There was that lizard thing in jazz3 and i exported the mesh/skins but it's too cartoony/cheap so I decided to ask someone here who seems to make good quality kobold skins.
  6. The second thing was, quite frankly, a request for a nude nali skin.
  8. I'm not sure if it will ever get made, but I tried. There's also some stuff i experimented with like trying to make a pseudo sex mod on Unreal beta(its actually more suited for it than final) but I didn't get very far because I failed to do animations. I did make attempts at nude skins but some I lost and most attempts failed terribly.
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  13. Hey Leo. Sure... why not? Hit me.
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  18. This is me, Leo. Yup this is an old account of mine here that I never really did much with. I actually tried to get someone from here to make something unreal related even. But it kind of went nowhere and tbh doesn't seem likely to me anymore (sadly). There were two things in fact. I can tell you about it if you want.

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